Fresh Flowers

Upgrade any special occasion at Coffeelicious by ordering some fresh flowers. For just 20,- you may order a nice bunch of fresh flowers as a surprise for your guest. We work really closely with local flower shops in Breda, Dordrecht and Rotterdam. We will have a vase ready for you with the flowers for your guest when arriving at your local Coffeelicious shop. You may order the flowers directly by phone or by e-mail when making a reservation.

In Dordrecht we work together with 'De Nieuwe Bloemenzaak' and in Breda with ' V&V Bloemen en Wonen'.


Celebration table

Upgrade any reservation by asking for our celebration upgrade, we will only charge the service costs which will be 5,- per table of 2-4 and 1,50 extra per person when making a reservation for more than 4 persons.

per table of 4:

- 3 helium balloons- Confetti of sweets on the table- Festive looking napkins- A celebration candle in the cake or sandwich.


Gift Shop

Treat your date to a present form our giftshop. We can giftwrap our products and take care it will be presented on the table by arrival. So you can surprise your date with a great Coffeelicious gift from our shop.

You can choose from:
- Barista Socks
- Eco-cups
- Coffeelicious Coffee Beans
- Coffeelicious Tea
- Espresso Syrups
- Coffeelicious ready bake mix for Soda Bread
- Coffeelicious ready bake mix for Chocolate Fudge Cake

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