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Coffeelicious breakfast and lunchroom breda, dordrecht en Rotterdam
celebration table bij breakfast and lunchroom Coffeelicious Rotterdam, breda en Dordrecht
Coffeelicious Giftshop

Fresh Flowers

Upgrade any special occasion at Coffeelicious by ordering some fresh flowers. For just 20,- you may order a nice bunch of fresh flowers as a surprise for your guest. We work really closely with local flower shops in Breda, Dordrecht and Rotterdam. We will have a vase ready for you with the flowers for your guest when arriving at your local Coffeelicious shop. You may order the flowers directly by phone or by e-mail when making a reservation. 

In Dordrecht we work together with 'De Nieuwe Bloemenzaak' and in Breda with ' V&V Bloemen en Wonen'.


Celebration table

Upgrade any reservation by asking for our celebration upgrade, we will only charge the service costs which will be 5,- per table of 2-4 and 1,50 extra per person when making a reservation for more than 4 persons. 

per table of 4:

- 3 helium balloons

- Confetti of sweets on the table

- Festive looking napkins

- A celebration candle in the cake or sandwich 


Gift Shop

Treat your date to a present form our giftshop. We can giftwrap our products and take care it will be presented on the table by arrival. So you can surprise your date with a great Coffeelicious gift from our shop.

You can choose from:

Barista Socks


Coffeelicious Coffee Beans

Coffeelicious Tea

Espresso Syrups

Coffeelicious ready bake mix for Soda Bread

Coffeelicious ready bake mix for Chocolate Fudge Cake

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