Breakfast & Lunch = Brunch

Sometimes you just don't know yet if you prefer breakfast or lunch. Good thing that you don't have to make up your mind just yet and can go to Coffeelicious and enjoy both all day long which we call brunch! 



Breakfast at Coffeelicious is always a party to look forward too. In the weekends we serve some really delicious pancakes, scrambled eggs, home made Soda Bread, Greek Yoghurt with home made granola and so on ... it is a festive moment to enjoy with friends, family or just by yourself. 


In Rotterdam, Breda and Dordrecht we serve special "breakfast deals". For only 10,50 p.p. you can share a tasty breakfast including pancakes, scone with jam and clotted cream and scrambled eggs on toast. Ofcourse you will also enjoy a cappuccino or a lovely tea to make the breakfast deal complete.


We offer an 'Early Birds Breakfast' at Coffeelicious Breda, Rotterdam & Dordrecht. For only 6,25 you will be able to enjoy an delicious complete breakfast if ordering before 10.00 on weekdays (after we will ask the "normal prices")

Coffeelicious Rotterdam AW 2017 06.jpg


We love 'simple food, done well'. We buy our ingredients locally and choose only the very best to make sure we have a delicious menu all through the year. We make everything 'a la minute' which means you will have to wait up to 25 minutes for your lunch when we are very busy but it will absolutely be worth the wait. Some things are just too good to rush.