E-magazine Nr15 - Interview Joshua van Allenbrand Popcorn


As you maybe already know Allenbrands supplies all our popcorn. The owner of Allenbrands popcorn store is Joshua, he has big dreams and looks forward to the future with his plans for pop-up popcorn stores throughout the whole country.

Meet Joshua in this interview and find out why Joshua provides popcorn for us.

So, tell me, Joshua, how did you get the idea to sell popcorn?
Popcorn has been an Allenbrand family business for 24 years. I grew up helping and learning about popcorn.

Allenbrands is not a Dutch name, where did you get your inspiration from?
Our last name, Allenbrand, seems to have origins in Europe. 

Which kinds of popcorn do you sell?
We offer 10 total flavours. 9 are constant and one is our flavour of the month!

When did you open your store in the Netherlands?
Allenbrand’s Gourmet Popcorn in Holland opened November 18, 2017.

You also like to lunch at Coffeelicious, isn’t that right? What do you think of guests getting popcorn on the side?
My family loves Coffeelicious! Having our popcorn paired with such quality and healthy food is awesome.

How is the collaboration with Coffeelicious?
We love working with great people.

Why did you decide to come to the Netherlands?
My partner is Dutch, we decided that Holland would be a great place to start a business and now a family.

How do you ensure that the popcorn gets a nice taste?
We use a small batch production with family recipes that are time tested. Then we use the best ingredients we can find. Everything is handmade to our standards!

Do you have beautiful dreams for the future?
I can proudly tell you that we have established a second pop-up shop last week in Rotterdam at Coolsingel 83. It is Rotterdam’s first American popcorn bar, now Coffeelicious can get popcorn in two of their cities. And we are very much looking forward to the future!

Eva Selij